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Okay, call me a 1st Class "Doctor Who Fan”, because that is exactly what I am when comes to the Inter-Dimensional Time Traveller from Gallafrey – Doctor Who – or should I say Va…Oops! Well, let’s not go there just yet, eh!

When David Tenant stepped aside for Matt Smith in 2010, the whole world watched with anticipated breath as to who it was to take the helm of the TARDIS, and guide the 11th Doctor through time and space…Not f ... Read more »

Category: Best of TV | Views: 4709 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 24/03/13 | Comments (1)

New Seasons, New Series.

We look at the Pilot "Arrow" and tell you what we think of its début on television as a TV Series, and whether the series will last as long as "The Cape"...or longer?

Seth Varley looks at the new season start of "The Vampire Diaries S4-E1" and asks why everyone is such a flap about the Salvatore boys and Tyler?

George Freeman takes a look at "Grimm", and finds out exactly how far is too far when it comes to friendship.
Category: Best of TV | Views: 5794 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 14/10/12 | Comments (0)

Tyler Crawley (Stephen Chambers) is committed to a psychiatric hospital for the murder of his mother, for which the whole town is in awe of the actions committed by such a placid young man. Several years he is released and reunited with his friends who decide to travel out into the snow covered wilds to party and relax for the weekend, but Tyler has other reasons – to scatter the ashes of his beloved mother and finally find his peace with her.

While out in the wilds Tyler discovers something t ... Read more »

Category: Best of BluRay | Views: 2363 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 26/08/12 | Comments (0)

The Tall Man gets its debut BluRay Review on "The DVD Archive", but will you agree or disagree with the outcome?

Over the past few weeks now, The DVD Archive has accounted for many films, whether shown at the Cinema or released onto DVD/BluRay, where the Rating given has been "Thumbed Up" by more than 750,000 people. "The Tall Man" hits cinemas soon, but is the film as good as the Trailer or other Critic Outlets claim? Be honest and you will have the whole world listening, write with truth and the whole world will r ... Read more »

Category: Best of BluRay | Views: 940 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 25/08/12 | Comments (0)

The DVD Archive Review's Irvine Welsh's "Ecstasy", the 2011 controversial film from "Trainspotting" creator Irvine Welsh. The question is, how controversial is it? Well, find out what we thought by clicking on the following link:

Category: Best of BluRay | Views: 1088 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 23/08/12 | Comments (1)

Here is The DVD Archive's Sneak Peek into future films due to hit Cinema's soon....

AUGUST 24 2012

Premium Rush (2012) PG-13 / 91 mins / Action/Thriller


In Man ... Read more »

Category: Best of Cinema | Views: 9746 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 14/08/12 | Comments (0)

The title of the new series’ opening episode has been revealed as Asylum of the Dalek’s.

Asylum of the Dalek's

We confirmed back in March that the Dalek’s would be returning to menace the universe and even posted a few sneaky photos smuggled from set! Since then, Steven Moffat (Doctor Who’s lead writer and Executive Producer) has confirmed that the adventure will feature every kind of Dalek ever faced by the Time Lord – including the legendary Special Weapons Dalek!

The title of the new story has already increased the excitement building around it. Could the ‘asylum’ be a place or is it some sort of protection? Or doe ... Read more »

Category: Best of TV | Views: 783 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 05/07/12 | Comments (1)

Wrath of the Titans BluRay

Director: Jonathan Liebesman

Writers: Dan Mazeau (screenplay), David Johnson (screenplay)

Cert: 12A

Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Sequel


Cast Of Characters: ... Read more »

Category: Best of BluRay | Views: 41421 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 05/07/12 | Comments (0)

As Season 2 of "The Almighty Johnsons" comes to an end, we ask "What now for the Johnsons', and in particular, what next for Axl and Gai?" Here is the run down of the Episodes that have been shown both in the UK and USA, as well as NZ.


Ep 1: It's kind Of A Birthday Thing
Ep 2: This Is Where Duty Starts
Ep 3: Gods Gift To Zebras
Ep 4: You Gotta Love Life Baby
Ep 5: This Is Not Washing Powder, My Friend
Ep 6: Goddesses Axl Come In All Forms
Ep 7: Bad Things Happen
Ep 8: I Can Give You Frigg
Ep 9: Hunting Reindeer On Slip ... Read more »
Views: 846 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 20/06/12 | Comments (0)


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